Welcome to Hyboria

Check out our facebook page view current events going on in Hyboria. Sometimes we are at events elsewhere so its a good idea to check and see if we are having an event or not.

We have practices at the following locations:

West Lafayette, IN: Across from Horticulture Park
     Sundays starting at 3PM

We are one of many realms in the battle game known as Dagorhir. Dagorhir is a full contact foam battle game where the focus is on recreating large battlefields with hundreds of men, battles like you would see in Lord of the Rings. We are a foam fighting group focused on FIGHTING and as such we do not have magic, experience points, or classes instead you learn how to read the battlefield, build muscles, and get gud at fighting. We are full contact so you can shield bash people, shield kick people, steal weapons right out of your opponents hands, or get into a wrestling match as you try to slowly drive your dagger into their “heart”.

We try to keep the game realistic while being fun to play and preventing injuries, as such striking the head with swords or shields is not allowed. You don’t need armor or any protection to fight because all weapons and shields are well padded to prevent injury. The weapons are a solid core wrapped in multiple layers of foam so you can swing full force and not bruise people. Because of the full contact nature of the game only people 16+ can participate in events.

If you want to join just show up to one of our practices and ask to fight. We will ask you to sign a waiver and give you some spare weapons to use. There is no cost to join, though eventually you will want to get weapons of your own. You can read the full rules here or read a simplified version here.


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