Welcome to Hyboria

“It’s like paintball but with Swords and Shields”


We are part of a full contact foam combat sport known as Dagorhir. Our goal is to get together large numbers of people to have fun and recreate medieval battlefields in a safe and realistic manner.

Our game is based in realism so it is straight up combat where you get better through your physical skills and techniques. We fight with foam padded weapons which allows you to fight without armor and keeps people from getting injured. You are also allowed to grapple and steal an opponent’s weapon right out of their hands. You need to be 14+ to practice with us and 16+ to go to events (with parents permission).

If you want to join just show up to one of our practices and ask to fight. We will ask you to sign a waiver and let you use some spare weapons. There is no cost to join, though eventually you will want to get weapons of your own. You can read the full rules here or read a simplified version here.

Check out our facebook page to view current events going on in Hyboria. Sometimes we are at events elsewhere so its a good idea to check and see if we are having an event or not.

We have practices at the following locations:

Lafayette, IN: Bishop woods across from Armstrong park: Sunday @3PM

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